Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rock & Fossil Festival

On February 22 & 23 the CFDC hosted its very first Rock & Fossil Festival, as one of the many projects of the Town of Morden Chautauqua Spirit project funded through Cultural Capitals of Canada. Participants included schools, adults, students and families.

Individuals could view the museum, collection room, exhibitors area and take with them mineral or fossil cards and dinosaur magnets. Those that were more enthusiast than visitors, brought in their own treasures for identification and viewed a Triceratops from Montana and flint knapping.

Thanks again to the Mineral Society of Manitoba, the Manitoba Archaeology Society, PaleoWorld Research Foundation and the CFDC including its staff and wonderful volunteers.

Hope to see everyone next year.

Love -o- saurus

Recently the Morden Daycare visited the CFDC for a tour of the museum. The group was great! They made a Love-o-saurus for us. It's still in the office and everyone just loves it.

We look forward to many youth organizations and school groups visiting the CFDC this season. We really appreciate all their wonderful gifts and letters.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Summer Job Fairs Great Success

Each year the CFDC attends career and summer job fairs at Universities and Colleges within Manitoba. After attending the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba fairs we were impressed with the students who visited our booth. In total over 300 students stopped by and numerous others were interested in what we had to offer. Our booth consisted of real fossil displays, summer employment opportunities and promotional information.
We hope students will apply for the summer employment opportunities we offer. Five positions are required for Field Technicians (supervising public digs) and two for Youth Program Co-ordinators (providing workshops and daycamps for youth). To view the complete position descriptions click on
The CFDC will be at Red River College next in Winnipeg from 9-12pm. Make sure you come and find us on February 19th.

Triceratops Ready for Festival

Work on the Triceratops brought in by PaleoWorld Research Foundation from the Garfield County Museum in Jordan, Montana, USA is under way. Palaeontologist, Joseph Hatcher has been air scribing away extremely hard ironstone that has encrusted most of the fossil remains. To the left he is air scribing a brow horn which is now complete.

On the left you can see the hard layer of ironstone (~1cm in width) along the nasal horn. It is a time consuming process. These fossils along with the braincase (still in the field jacket) will be available for viewing during the upcoming Rock & Fossil Festival to be held at the CFDC on February 22 & 23. Make sure you stop in and ask as many questions as you like to the paleontologist who works on Triceratops.