Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Busy Bees

Over the past couple of weeks, volunteers and staff have been extremely busy with the Collection's Room, tidying and reorganizing.

Major accomplishments include:

- relocation and storage of artefacts
- construction of new shelves for field jackets
- reorganization of the photo lab into a research lab
- inventory and shelving of field supplies

The space is now more functional and appropriate for researchers and staff. Three new work areas have been created for lab technicians and official preparation work on Betsy, our recently discovered plesiosaur has begun as a result.

Keep up the good work everyone and many thanks to all those who have helped with this project.

Season Wrap Up

We've had a very exciting summer season in 2007. Summer students warmed us with their presence, many visitors came to view the collection and we had the privilege of having 4 exchange students from the Canada World Youth program assist with many projects. But as winter is approaching the museum has become quiet without the students to banter with. In the next month or two we'll begin the process all over again in hopes of having another successful summer season in 2008.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Our last day!!!

Hey everyone (Paul) its Adam again, and for the last time.

Today is our (Me, Mey, Nahla, and Pierre) last day working at the musuem and we have had an amazing time! We have all learned tons and had a truly unique experience.

Personally, I feel almost like an expert on the topic of marine reptiles and the museum has really become a second home to me here! Its been sad saying bye to everyone and I (as well as the rest of the group) will miss everybody dearly and wish everyone at the museum the best of luck and I will definitely hope to visit sometime in the future.

We are all leaving for Indonesia on Dec. 8 but before than we will be giving a final culture show on Dec. 3 which we hope to see everyone at! Anyways on behalf of all of us here at the museum and all of the Canada World Youth group, thank you we have had a wonderful time in Morden.

-Adam, Mey, Nahla, and Pierre

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hi, It's me Nahla. It's my turn now to write this blog and share our experience and story here in Morden District Museum or Canadian Fossil Discovery Center. It's like the best work placement ever during this youth program! The place that we learn about something new which is totally enrich our life experience. Learning how to dig fossils, make field jacket, doing some project about children's tour, making the 'Shark Attacks' as new exhibition, clean the museum are the best moments of our here for the last two months.

Anyway, next Friday on November 23rd is gonna be the last day of us to volunteering here. I personally really sad because I don't wanna leave this place. We have a lot of fun here that we can't find in another place. We had the chance to make a replica fossils like mosasaur's tooth and dinosaur's baby as our souvenir. I feel very lucky to be involved in all the activity here in museum.

We are also have to finished another projects like database and building exhibition. Hopefully we can finish all of that stuff before November 23rd.

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you guys have good day.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Great Museum!'s me Mey. On Saturday October 27th , there was pumpkin carving here at the Museum. Everybody brought their own pumpkins and we carved them together. It was so.... much fun! In Indonesia we don't celebrate Halloween and so I have never done pumpkin carving, or trick or treating. Last week we went out to the field and Nahla and I helped Dave and Paul dig out and make a field jacket, which was fun.

Tuesday October 30th , a school group came to visit the museum. They are from Hutterite Colony. We entertained the children, played games with them and helped them do the dino hunt around the museum. Then in the afternoon we moved a whole bunch of stuff around the collection room and Adam was very tired. We finished the day by cleaning up the museum.

Today Yvonne taught us how to make necklaces and they turned out very beautiful. Paul gave us keychains that are very nice, thank you Paul & Yvonne! We also helped Yvonnne straighten out the stock of the gift shop. Anyway, we do enjoy our day here as volunteer!

That's all for now.
Big hug,