Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey !

Hi everyone, it's Pierre-Luc....So first, here's a picture of us, the students here in the museum. I think it's time for you to know how we look... So.. Yesterday, we went to the field with some other volunteers and bring the field jackets to the museum before winter. It was a very nice day and the temperature was perfect ! A warm day with some persons that we like doing a job that we love ! Perfect ! -

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Whats up

Hello all, its Adam again and Anita has just returned from an awesome trip to Texas and we missed her tons while she was gone, however shes back in action.

First off i am going to dedicate this blog entry to Paul (one of the several dedicated volunteers the museum has). Thanks to Paul, I know at least one person is reading these blogs and so their not a complete waste! Jokes but seriously thanks to Paul, Linda, Dave and Laura and all the rest of the volunteers we have not yet met.

So we have been here for over a month now and have accomplished so much! With the help of Anita we completed the new exhibit of the shark attack in the museum and it looks fantastic if i do say so myself. We got the museum ready for Halloween and put up some awesome decorations, revamped the Aggasiz room and have kept the museum...basically spotless. We have also gone on several, in my opinion, very successful trips to the field and got experience making field jackets.

Personally I am still having a very fun time here (and in Morden) and have not been homesick yet. Anyways for people in the Morden area who are interested in our Canada World Youth group, we will be having a culture show (a bunch of performances, dances, songs, etc.) on Dec. 3 right before we leave and we would love to see YOU there.


-Adam H to the G

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hi all,

I'm Nahla, one of the participant of Canada World Youth Program 2007-2008 from Indonesia. I've been volunteer here in Canadian Fossil Discovery Center for about a month. Just like three of my friends, Pierre, Adam and Mey, I really do enjoy my time here. Learning something new like fossil, exactly make me feel better. In the same time it is giving me more experience in doing something different that I never thought it before.

Well, on monday Oct 1st, me and the whole group came to visit the museum. Our Project Supervisor, Leslie and Yecin also came. After that, Anita (The Paleontologyst of The Year, hehe... that's what we call her) gave us a tour for about 3o minutes. Everybody looks very happy. I think because they can see Bruce, The King of The Museum. ^_^. At 1.30 there is a break for moslem to pray. After that all of us went to the field. That was a great time. Everybody really interest to find fossil. And yeah, we can find some.

On tuesday, me, Pierre, Mey and Anita went to Winnipeg to set some stuff for the exhibition. Unfortunately, Adam can't join with us because he was sick. But we can do our job very well. After that we went to the University and Winnipeg. Finally back home at 3.30 pm. That was really fun. Thanks Anita for invite us to join with you...

Anyway, that's all for now. And at the end, I just wanna say that being volunteer here exactly make me interest to being a Paleontologyst. Hopefully...

Best regards,